What are Cryptocurrencies?

Digital Money Cryptocurrencies also referred to as digital coins, digital currency or altcoins are the latest big thing in the world of finance. Like fiat or paper money, they can be used as a mean of exchange. They are irreversible, pseudonymous, fast, global, secure and permission less. These new forms of money are decentralized; this […]

Harvard Geneticist Launches DNA-Fueled Blockchain Startup

Nebula Genomics will have its own coin and go head to head with Ancestry.com and Google-backed 23andMe. George Church, a professor at Harvard and MIT, is taking a different tack than his genetics testing rivals. He’s developed a token-fueled system on the blockchain that monetizes DNA to incentivize members to participate in genome sequencing. It keeps […]

Crypto Tech, Steadily Improving

A look at the headlines of late may leave you with a familiar conclusion – with all the ups and downs in the market, it’s just too early to take crypto seriously. And it’s true, despite the best efforts of even the industry’s most notable developers, the world’s largest cryptocurrencies remain not just volatile, but […]